FUCHS (Quality-) Management System


We are on our way to TQM (Total Quality Management), knowing that it is a never ending task.
Each individual of our complete staff is responsible for quality, environment and competitiveness.


We use all suitable instruments to provide

  • a high product quality

  • on-time-deliveries

  • best customer service

  • reliable technical support

and we are expecting the same efforts by our selected suppliers.

Various working groups are helping to keep the process of permanent improvement successfully going. We are ambitious to come as close to "zero-defect" as possible.


Since the sixties, our organisation and our former "quality control department" have been certified to AD-W0 and TRD 100 (Specifications and standards for the chemical and steam boiler industry - Now also Druckgeršterichtlinie 97/23/EG). In later years, an increasing number of audits and special certifications by major customers or customer groups were added.

A more and more improved FUCHS-Quality Manual was introduced in the mid eighties and since 1991, as the first company in the German fastener industry, we have been certified and accredited to ISO 9002. Since 2001, again as the first company, we have been certified and accredited to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 in order to comply with our automotive customers and their main suppliers.

All products for the German steel construction industry are additionally certified acc. to the label "CE-sign" or "‹-sign".

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