High strength fasteners for steel construction and wind energy applications 

High strength friction grip fasteners for

  • Shear bolt applications  (SL)


  • Friction joints (GV)

  • SL and GV joints with additional tensile stress

FUCHS-HV  hot dip galvanised, available ex stock:  

For the wind energy (towers and turbines) and other special applications we offer sets of high strength structural fasteners also in diameter M42 and M48, specially certified  according to German DASt-Guideline 021as an extension to standard EN 14399-4 / K-Class K1
(former standards DIN 6914-6916).

See page 2 for further information

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  Hexagon bolts with large width
  across flats
EN 14399-4
K-Class K1
10.9     M 12 - M 36
  Hexagon nuts with large width
  across flats
EN 14399-4 -10     M 12 - M 36
  Washers for high tensile
  structural bolting
EN 14399-6
DIN 6917
DIN 6918
C45     for diameter
    M 12 - M 36